Using Funds4Books & eBooks to Build eBook Collections

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BURNSVILLE, MINN (January 9, 2014) – Every day we at Mackin Educational Resources hear from librarians across the country facing slashed budgets and aging collections, striving to keep their libraries and their jobs relevant in a changing technological and educational environment. Although there is a lot to learn, and even more to teach, consider the exciting opportunity this new electronic world is providing for today’s librarians!

With MackinVIA, Mackin’s free online platform for electronic resources, librarians now have access to hundreds of thousands of eBooks, audiobooks and databases. By acquiring, managing and instructing students and staff on how to use these new electronic materials, librarians can once again return the academic focus of our schools to the library and align with classrooms to improve and expand learning possibilities for students.

Mackin’s Funds4Books & eBooks, an innovative online donation program, is an easy and fun way for librarians to raise money to purchase eBooks and databases. With Funds4Books & eBooks, librarians receive 100% of all funds raised to spend on anything from Mackin. Whether building a new eBook collection, or expanding the library’s current digital offerings, this unique fundraising program gives librarians the ability to strengthen their libraries and provide students with the materials they need to succeed in today’s world of digital learning.

Within the Funds4Books & eBooks Department at Mackin, we work with librarians to prepare for and to manage these campaigns. Together, we create and tailor promotional materials to advertise the fundraiser, design a custom webpage where individual and corporate donors can contribute to the campaign, and plan how the funds will be used to benefit the library. Mackin then customizes your campaign with any goal you have in mind, such as acquiring popular fiction eBooks for students, purchasing multi-user nonfiction eBooks for classrooms or adding audiobooks to the mix or getting more databases to facilitate student research. Funds4Books & eBooks is also a great way to raise money to update or add new print books to your collection – all delivered, shelf-ready, for free.

To date, nearly 600 schools have already participated in Mackin’s Funds4Books & eBooks, with hundreds of thousands of dollars raised and returned to libraries to spend on the materials they need. If you are interested in running a Funds4Books & eBooks campaign, or would like more information, please feel free to call 800-245-9540 or email us at Whatever your objective, a qualified representative at Mackin is always available to help with ideas, suggestions, or contributions whenever needed.