School Librarians Can Save Democracy

 In Past, Webinar

Wednesday, July 22, 5:00pm EDT

Regardless of one’s political views, there seems to be consensus on one political reality: America is dangerously polarized. Is democracy in jeopardy? If so, what role does social media play in our divisive public conversations? Are our emotional responses to informational content distorting our perceptions of reality? Are we getting smarter? Dumber? Or do these questions radically oversimplify more complex problems? In this edWebinar, Michelle Luhtala will present a case for the critical need for school librarians in every school, and the importance of equity in access to quality inquiry instructional experiences for all learners – not just for the future of education but for the future of democracy.


Michelle Luhtala

Library Department Chair, New Canaan High School, CT

Michelle Luhtala, Library Department Chair at New Canaan High School in Connecticut, was one of five school librarians named as a “Mover and Shaker” by Library Journal in 2015. She is the winner of the 2011 “I Love My Librarian” Award and the Library Association’s 2010 Outstanding Librarian Award. The New Canaan High School Library won AASL’s National School Library Program of the year in 2010. Follow Michelle on Twitter @mluhtala.