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MackinBound™ books are the nation’s best prebound books the industry has to offer and are carefully manufactured at our dedicated Mackin-owned production facility.

Our Guarantee

MackinBounds are durable and made to last. Should a Mackinbound binding fail, just contact Customer Service and we’ll put a credit on your account for the failed item or send you a no charge replacement.

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Mackin Made

MackinBound books are manufactured by Mackin employees — who together have over 150 years of experience — in our Topeka, Kansas, Mackin-owned-and-operated bindery facility. Full control of our

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bindery allows us to maintain the highest standards of manufacturing quality and service.

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Quality Materials

Acid-free, non-yellowing end sheets, easy-to-clean laminate covers and the highest quality materials (we do not use lead-based products or toxic glues) make MackinBound books 100% safe for your students and staff.


Common Cents

MackinBound books can expand your budget by eliminating the cost of replacing worn out paperbacks and increasing the number of true library-bound titles in your collection. Actual MackinBound per-book

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costs are much less than the publisher’s library and trade bindings and consistently lower than many other prebinders.

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  • “We really appreciate your swift response and excellent customer service. Plus, MackinBounds are one of our preferred vendor bindings!”

    Samantha E. Vendor Relations Coordinator, King County Library System, Issaquah, WA

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Durable Class A Bindings, Flat and Flexible Spines

Sewn MackinBound books are manufactured with high-strength polyester thread, and glued.

Durable double-fan binding.

High-density, Class-A library bindings.

88 point binderboard used to construct MackinBound covers.

Adhered with flexible, crack-resistant PVA cold glue.

All spines are built with flexi-board.