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Our professional Collection Development team of librarians is proud to introduce this customer-first service. In addition to the titles with starred reviews on our Best of Mackin lists, these new books are also highly recommended for use in your library or classroom.
Only a small percentage of books published each year are reviewed in the major book review journals, and only a small percentage of those titles receive stars. Our Mackin librarians research beyond the stars, reading advance reader’s copies and reviews to find more high-quality fiction and nonfiction for all grade levels.
Our selection criteria include how popular a title will be with students, if the title can be used in the curriculum, what other reviewers are saying about the book, and if the writing and format are of the highest quality.

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All of Mackin’s recommended book lists are prepared by our in-house librarians and educators, who are dedicated to providing the very best selections available based on the parameters provided by the organizations, librarians, and teachers requesting the title lists. Please understand, however, that all titles provided on our requested or standing lists are options for the purchaser to consider and are not guaranteed to fulfill the exact needs or requirements of every school, classroom, or library. We understand and respect that the purchaser will make the final selections most appropriate for their students. Mackin does not serve as the decision-maker or the authority regarding the titles that should or should not be purchased for any school, library, or classroom.