On the Same Page: Simultaneous eBook Options (A MackinVIA Class Sets How To)

 In Past, Webinar

Thursday, September 10th, 3:00pm CST

Do you have teachers asking you, “I want my students reading the same ebook at the same time.” But you find yourself having difficulty figuring out how to purchase eBooks within your budget for your teachers to use? Mackin now offers an affordable way for students to be reading the same book at the same time. Teachers and/or librarians are able to “rent” multiple copies of an eBook at a fraction of the cost of purchasing or subscribing. These texts are provided through a shorter license term and allow teachers to more effectively utilize eBooks for projects, whole-class novel reading, book clubs, guided reading groups, and more. This webinar will walk educators through the process of determining eBooks for simultaneous reading in the classroom (versus in the library collection), determining the best eBook type (i.e. multi-user, single-user, class set rental), quantities, the timeline for rental copies, and requesting a quote, all so teachers can be set up for success in the classroom.

A Certificate of Attendance will be issued to those who attend this webinar. A recording will be posted to Mackin.com for those who cannot participate in the live session.


Jen McCarty Plucker, Ed.D.

Director of Professional Learning, Mackin Educational Resources

Jen received her doctoral degree in Educational Leadership with research focused on adolescent engagement/motivation and accelerated literacy growth. She has over 20 years of education experience as a teacher, administrator, consultant, and adjunct professor. She joined Mackin in 2017 to launch the Professional Learning division.

Lindsay Simmons, M.A.

Professional Learning Specialist, Mackin Educational Resources

Lindsay Simmons, M.A., Professional Learning Specialist, has several years of experience working as an upper elementary school teacher and has most recently served as the STEM Education Programming Manager for a science center in Pennsylvania. She has her master’s degree in Art History with a Museum Studies Certificate and has a passion for learning about most effective engagement strategies, in both design and learning. She enjoys utilizing STEM and Maker Education processes and tools to enhance her students’ learning.

Lindsay Simmons