New Mackin Search Engine

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January 2019 – new search engine becomes default experience for all users, but the ability to switch back to the old search will remain available

My Lists – We are introducing a revised “My Lists” page with styling to match the new search engine. It functions virtually the same as the current page.

Condensed view of search results– To make more results visible on the screen, we’ve condensed the entire view and header, scaled down cover images and preview buttons, and reduced font sizes and components. Our goal was to show 4-5 products on a full screen.

Review Journals– Full-text review journals such as Booklist and School Library Journal have been integrated with the new search engine. Selecting a journal from the Title Lists menu will launch the new search engine (if the user has opted in to New Search) to display the most recent journal with all the titles associated. Filters that correspond to the journal sections are presented along the side of the page.


Other Improvements to the new search engine

  • The search engine will remember the last Easy Search type selected. If you prefer Author or some other search type, change it once and it will persist for the duration of the session unless it is switched to another type. However, this preference is not permanent. New sessions will revert to the system default. In addition, the Easy Search field is much wider to accommodate more characters.
  • Click “Advanced Search” to refine your current search on the advanced search form. Please note that “Back to Advanced Search” was removed to help with the condensed view described above.
  • Single word title searches will bring back more accurate results, particularly when sorted by “Relevance.” Examples would be “Speak” or “Lu.”
  • Series Title in Easy Search has been improved to bring back the best results.
  • Sets/Series experience has improved with numerous paging issues being resolved.
  • Additional support for special characters such as ampersands and pound/hashtags .
  • It has been decided to use the term “Products” instead of bindings or formats.
  • Additional AR and RC information will be displayed on search results and full records.
  • When a user has no active lists, a message will display telling the user to click “NEW LIST.”
  • A placeholder image will be displayed for all products that are missing a cover image.A new menu item has been added to the Services & Products menu. “Getting Started With MackinVIA” is a great new page designed to get new VIA accounts up and running.
  • “Tell Us How We’re Doing” can be found in the footer menu. It’s intended to give our users a means to give us feedback. Clicking on this link will open a form to fill out and submit.
  • A new SHOP MACKIN menu items takes you “Home” to the default landing page. The Log Out button is now up in the right-hand corner.
  • The Easy Search preferences on the old “My Profile” page have been removed because they are no longer applicable.
  • The entire site is now more responsive to smaller monitors, particularly 15-inch displays.
  • Suggesters (our term for autocomplete suggestions) have been fine-tuned for better results including more characters.
  • Several IE11 fixes will ensure the site works properly for those still using this browser.
  • Enhancements to better find predetermined results, such as the Great Minds “Wit & Wisdom” grade modules.