Managing and Creating Group Tags, Sorting and More

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ABDO Zoom Deep Discovery Search– ABDO Zoom Online Databases are now compatible with Deep Discovery Search. They include:

  • Abdo Zoom Animales Database (Spanish)
  • Abdo Zoom Animals Database
  • Abdo Zoom Biographies Database
  • Abdo Zoom STEAM Database

As a reminder, Deep Discovery Search must be enabled on the MackinVIA account by logging into the Administrator area and going to Settings > Search Options and then clicking the box next to “Databases and Links” under Deep Discovery Search. For MackinVIA patrons, searches are initiated from the search box on the Databases screen.

More about ABDO Zoom Online Databases:

Group Descriptive Tags– In an effort to give our MackinVIA Administrators and Group Managers more flexibility with curating groups, and also to make them more discoverable for end users, we are introducing the concept of descriptive tags.

Tags are keywords or phrases that help describe the resources contained in the group beyond the group title. For example, if you created a NASA group, it would make sense to create tags that reflected the content of the group, e.g. “Spacelab” or “Hubble” or “Mars Rover.”

For end users, clicking on a tag will filter down the list of groups to include only those associated with that particular tag. In the example above, clicking on “Science” filters the active groups down to six. If other tags are also applicable to those six groups, they will also display.

The process of adding tags to groups will be explained in the MackinVIA Admin section of this document.

Group Sorting– In addition to Tags, new sort options have been introduced. You can sort alphabetically by group name or search by the count of titles in a group (lowest to highest or highest to lowest), or by the newest group added.

Groups Visible in LTI Sessions– For staff and students accessing MackinVIA from learning management systems such as Canvas or Schoology, groups are now visible and accessible.

Multi-User for Availability– Previously only copy quantities appeared for single-user resources.  We are adding a notation to indicate when titles are Multi-user resources.



MackinVIA Admin

Applying Tags to Groups– The use of descriptive tags will help groups to be more discoverable by end users. To apply a tag to a group, Full Administrators or Group Managers can complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the Groups page by navigating to Classroom > Groups
  2. Find the group to which you would like to apply tags and Click on “Edit”
  3. Click on the “Descriptive Tags” panel
  4. Click on the + symbol
  5. Type in the keyword or phrase
  6. Click Save

Once a tag is saved, it can be edited or removed.

You can also see all the groups with that tag applied.

Manage Tags– Full Administrators have the ability to manage all the tags in the account. Click the “Manage Tags” button on the Groups page to view all the tags.

On this page, Full Administrators can create tags for others to apply to their groups. This is helpful if you want a consistent tag nomenclature. For example, if you want all tags to be course names or curriculum objectives, you can create them all in one place. Then, when other staff are applying tags, they can select from these existing tags.

It is also possible to merge tags. For example, if one Group Manager created a “Dogs” tag and another created a “Canines” tag, the Full Administrator may want to merge these tags because they convey the same meaning. To merge tags, simply Edit the tag you would like to merge and change the name to the preferred tag. The system will ask you to confirm the action.

Deselect All – A “Deselect All” button has been added to the OPTIONS menu on the List Detail page.