MackinVIA Themes, Custom Logo and More

 In MackinVIA

MackinVIA Reader

Dictionary Pronunciation – We’ve taken advantage of the data provided to us by Merriam-Webster to implement a pronunciation feature. Simply click or tap the blue speaker button to hear the term clearly enunciated. 

Site Themes – In an effort to allow more customization, various site themes can now be applied to MackinVIA accounts. The themes mainly affect the color combinations of the navigation buttons, the Open Button and other elements. In some cases, the fonts will also be adjusted.

Default Theme:

Earth Theme:

Other themes available include:

(The Modern theme is always black with one complimentary color selected from a color picker)

School Logo and Text – In addition to the new Site Themes, a school or library logo can be added along with custom text.

Please Note: Themes, logos and custom text are completely optional. All accounts will continue to have the Default theme applied until a Full Administrator opts to utilize these features.

Change Schools – For staff users in qualifying MackinVIA accounts, the Change Schools link will now be visible on the Profile page.  The current school location will also be visible there.

MackinVIA Admin

Upload Logo – To upload a logo, MackinVIA Full Administrators must sign in to the Administration program, go to General Settings and click into the last pane at the bottom labeled Upload Logo.

Custom Text –There is also an option to enter custom text next to the logo, or alone without a logo. This would be a good place to enter the library or program name such as Digital Library or Memorial Library. Full Administrators should go to General Settings, Display Settings and look for the Custom Text field.

Backpack Activity – A feature that users have been asking about for many years is to show the activity within a backpack: reads, checkouts, requests, holds, assignments and favorites. This is now available by going to the Backpacks page and clicking on a User ID. This feature can be disabled by Digital Services once we build a database flag for it. This is planned for January.

A listing of activity for the selected user will display. It can be filtered by type or date range.