MackinVIA, Reader, Admin, and More

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MackinVIA Reader

New versions of our apps– These will be released to the public in app stores on October 25.

Provided By– When users click on “More Information” for resources in MackinVIA, they will see a Provided By entry.  This notes if the resource was provided at a school level, district level or by a consortium.

Admin login page– Users that visit the MackinVIA login screen and click on the Administrator link will see an updated administrator login screen.  This screen has been updated to look more like the patron login screen, but functionality remains the same and administrators will continue to log into the Admin area with their login credentials.

MackinVIA Admin

Getting Started with MackinVIA– We’ve added a link to a step-by-step guide to making the most of MackinVIA. It can be found under the Marketplace menu in the MackinVIA Admin area.

Groups “Last Edited”– This will be updated anytime a group name, manager, resources, description, image or associated tags are updated.

Updates have been made to our new Search Engine as described below. 

Makerspace tab – This was added to the Advanced Search form of our New Search Engine to make it easier for users to discover Makerspace products. In addition, the Audiovisual tab has been renamed to “Other.”

Shopping Cart button – The shopping cart icon has been converted into a button.  When clicked, the user will see information about their current shopping cart/list and can choose to request a quote, change list or begin a new list.

ISBN Scanner –When using on a device with built in camera, this new feature will allow a user to scan a book and find it on This scanner function will display in the Easy Search bar when using a mobile device such as a tablet or phone.

Sets/Series descriptions– descriptions are now displayed on the detail screen.

“All” relabeled to “Keyword” –In the Easy Search, we’ve relabeled “All” to “Keyword” for accuracy. Subject keywords will also be included in this search.