MackinVIA New Features and Improvements

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MackinVIA App, Version 5.4.2 – This MackinVIA app release includes one major enhancement, the Change Site feature, and addresses several issues reported by users. Additionally, updates to the SAML authentication for Chicago Public Schools were released earlier this month.

Change Site – Staff members who utilize this feature in the browser will now see it in the app as well. Changing sites while in the app has been a frequent request since the release of Reader 5.

BrainPOP access – Mac and Windows desktop app users were experiencing issues with accessing the BrainPOP database from MackinVIA. This has been addressed.

Fonts in desktop apps
– We’ve improved support for more fonts in the Mac and Windows desktop apps, including Open Dyslexic, which is packaged with our app. Now all the fonts displayed are supported in reflowable titles (depending on what is installed on the user’s computer.)

List View / Tile View – We fixed an issue that prevented the app from applying the correct Admin preference for List View or Tile View. This mainly affects guest users or first-time Backpack users.

Temporary highlights – Single-word highlights will not be saved when they are done for the purposes of dictionary lookup, searching inside the resource or initiating text-to-speech.

Updates to SAML authentication for CPS – Chicago Public Schools recently switched to a new identity provider called Rapid Identity, which required a re-integration of MackinVIA. The switchover involved migrating to a single subdomain “CPS” as well as updates to all the MackinVIA 856 URLs in the CPS catalog. Records generated for new orders will include the updated URL format. The Guest access of cps/cps is still intact.

Fairfax County SAML – Fairfax users attempting to sign-in on the MackinVIA Admin login page will be redirected to the FCPS Access Manager. Similarly, when Fairfax users sign out of the MackinVIA Admin program, they will be directed to the FCPS logout service.