MackinVIA Improvements

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Current version: 5.3.2

An updated app will be released. Please note: This update of the apps is NOT required, as it has been in past summers. We are not retiring the last major version. However, updating is recommended, especially for the improvements to the audiobook player.

Improvements to audiobook playback – The experience on all platforms is more consistent and reliable.

  • Position on track is remembered upon exit of the book or app
  • Playback speed on available devices is stable
  • Playback continues after the device is locked or goes to sleep
  • Controls are briefly disabled after a user taps an action so that actions remain in order
  • Users will still need to have a persistent connection AND an active screen to complete downloads (when downloading, the user will need to keep the device awake by touching screen)

iOS notes:

  • Lockscreen controls are more responsive
  • Due to complications with the various iOS versions, text-to-speech is now hosted by Mackin. This means iOS users will not be able to use TTS while offline.
  • Added styling for iPhone X screen. Please note: There are some oddities when rotating the device which will be addressed in a future release.

Other Reader improvements:

Assorted updates and improvements made to dictionary feature as well as bug fixes

  • Home Page visible for LTI sessions