MackinVIA eReader, Categories, Artifact Integration and More

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MackinVIA eReader

– This capability has been restored to the eReader.

Redesigned Groups – Our goal was to create a more visually interesting Groups page and so the change has been made to display Groups as tiles with images. Using a contemporary image library, plus allowing for the upload of custom images, the new page has a more modern appeal. The use of images will also be helpful for younger students to identify the Group they are looking for. This change is cosmetic and does not change the functionality of the Groups.

Important note
! If Groups are currently being used in a MackinVIA account, but do not have an image assigned, users will see a solid color tile and the Group Name assigned by the administrator. Administrators do not have to assign images, but have that option in the admin area if they wish.

Redesigned Categories – Using the same image library as we did for Groups, the Categories page has an updated look and feel. We created a new set of default images for Secondary schools, but left the illustrations in place for elementary schools.

MackinVIA Admin

Selecting Groups images – Administrators can take advantage of the new Image Library when creating and editing Groups by clicking on the Image Library button and selecting appropriate image from Unsplash™ offerings.

Selecting Category images
– The same Image Library is available to customize the Categories.

Artifact integration – Artifact is an exciting new service that adds descriptive metadata tags to titles in an effort to help educators discover content with specific topics, themes, concepts, educational objectives and literary elements. We’ve integrated with this service on by adding a new page of Artifact tags. The page is accessed in the Title Lists menu.

  • Full Record Related Search links – Artifact tags are also accessible on the Related Searches tab of the Full Record page.
  • Advanced Search parameter – A new Artifact search parameter has been added to the Advanced Search page.

Starred Review journals – New journals have been created in our system for starred reviews. These are treated as completely separate journals. Searching within them will not include non-starred reviews.