MackinVIA, Admin, Accessibility, Groups, and More

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Add Group to Course– Instructors using Canvas or other learning management systems can now add a MackinVIA Group to a course.

When an instructor adds the group to the course, the students will be presented a link to VIA that will open to a listing of the resources in that particular group. In the example above, the link will open MackinVIA to the Astronomy group with a listing of its eight resources.

Accessibility– Mackin Educational Resources is fully committed to making certain that is both usable and accessible by everyone, regardless of age, ability, or situation. We’ve recently completed an accessibility assessment, and based on those results, completed another round of improvements to MackinVIA, particularly in mobile views. A new page with “Our Commitment to Web Accessibility” statement has also been added to the MackinVIA footer menu.
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Enhancements to Group Descriptive Tags– This summer we introduced descriptive tags to MackinVIA groups. An enhancement of dark shading and a small red “x” was added to make it more clear which tag was clicked to affect the visible groups.

MackinVIA Admin

Adding Tags to Groups– This summer we introduced descriptive tags to MackinVIA groups. To streamline the management of group tags, a shortcut was added to give the ability to select from available tags on the account. This allows MackinVIA Administrators and Group Managers to implement naming conventions for the tags. For example, the ability to select from existing tags would eliminate potential confusion if a MackinVIA account had two tags with identical meanings, e.g. “Dogs” and “Canines.”

Improvements to the new search engine – Have you tried Mackin’s new search engine?  Enhancements to the new Mackin search engine are included in this release.

  • Improved filters allow multiple selections within a particular section
    e.g. in the product formats, Paperbacks and MackinBounds.
  • A new shopping cart/list information area has been added to the upper righthand corner. The area always displays the list name, quantity and list total.Clicking the list name opens a modal popup containing links to Edit and View along with additional list information such as notes.

    Clicking on the cart image opens a window containing the list information including subtotal, tax, total and savings (when applicable) along with shortcuts to Change Lists, Order Now and Create New List.

  • Option to make New Search your default – this can be selected on My Profile or the new Account Preferences page.