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Expertly curated by Mackin’s team of education professionals, these leveled kits are an essential part of every school’s makerspace initiative. Students will learn about renewable energy, recycling, electricity, physics, geometry and much more as they explore the world around them.


Grades PK-2


Grades 3-5


Grades 6-8


Grades 9-12

Take & Make Kits

The MackinMaker Take & Make Kits are the ideal way for classrooms, schools, libraries, and even districts to provide students and patrons with curated maker kits that are instructional, affordable, durable, and mostly, fun for all.

Coding and Computers
General Supplies
Integrated Circuits For Kids
Low-Tech Engineering
Robotics & Technical Design
21st Century Science
3D Printing, Animation, Virtual, & Augmented Reality

Build a collection as individual as the students you serve!

Build A LEGO® Compatible Wall

These baseplates make the perfect foundation for building anywhere; plush carpets, hardwood floors, tile floors, tables or even walls!