MackinMaker Challenge Cards

Get to Know Your Kit! Welcome to your new MackinMaker kit designed by expert maker educators to encourage complex problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration in the areas of coding & robotics, low-tech engineering, integrated circuitry, and more. Each kit includes access to the digital resource library below complete with a Maker Journal, MackinMaker Challenge Cards, and lots of helpful links and resources to get started using the products with your students. Happy Making!

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Kit Challenge Cards

Engage and challenge your students with your new MackinMaker kits. Download your challenge cards today!

Challenge Cards Aligned With Classic Kits

Grades PK-2 Classic
Grades 3-5 Classic
Grades 6-8  Classic
Grades 9-12 Classic

Challenge Cards Aligned With Premium Kits

Grades PK-2 Premium
Grades 3-5 Premium
Grades 6-8 Premium
Grades 9-12 Premium

Challenge Cards Aligned With Value Kits

Grades PK-2 Value
Grades 3-5 Value
Grades 6-8 Value
Grades 9-12 Value

Maker Resources

Product Help Guides

Product Help Guides

Check out videos, how-to’s, educator resources, FAQs, and more.



Give today’s students the tools they need to meet tomorrow’s challenges. Explore free blogs, webinars and idea galleries that cover makerspace trends, meaningful programming, space planning and more from our MackinMaker experts!

Professional Learning

Professional Learning

Are you looking to enhance what you have already created by adding fresh ideas, new philosophies, and proven direction? Transform your teaching and learning methodology with the insight of Mackin Professional Learning.

2018/2019 MackinMaker Kit Challenge Cards were authored by Jessica Gottlieb (Pk-2), Anastasia Hanneken (3-5), and Heather Lister (6-8,9-12)