Order History and Custom List Request Form

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Order History – The ability to view order history has been added to the new site, along with Order Status and Unfilled Titles.

  • View orders across multiple locations by selecting “All” in the Location dropdown
  • Paging has been added (25, 50, 100 per page)
  • The “Location” field has been added to each row

The process of searching for a specific invoice or purchase order has changed slightly. Rather than opening a new page to execute the search, a search field is now displayed on the Order History page next to the filters. Searches executed from this field will first attempt to find the invoice or purchase order within the designated filters. If not found, it will expand the search to all locations, all years and all statuses. Additionally, clicking the Clear button will set the filters to “All.”

Custom List Request form – Some adjustments to this online request form were made behind the scenes, but the steps and sequences were not changed.

Date Added column – Users can see when items were added to the list with this new sortable column on the List Detail view. It is not a default column, so it must be added to the view using the Select Columns feature. This data is also available for printing and exporting.

Password strength indicator To help our users implement more secure passwords, we’ve added a password strength indicator on the Create and Manage Account views as well as the Reset Password page. The longer and more complex the password, the better the indicator.


  • Order Description is now a required field when creating a new list

  • Replaced the term “Compendium” with “Best of Mackin”
  • Added the ability to view item notes with a hover