New Search

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Update on New Search rollout– In Mid-January, all users in our system will have their profile preference set to the New Search site. The old search experience will remain as an available preference until the end of the school year. For those who wish to continue searching the site with the old search experience through the end of the school year, you will be able to select that option under My Account > Profile.

We appreciate all of the great feedback given to us about the new search interface and continue to use that information to make improvements to the experience, fix bugs, and incorporate new features.

No Results – We’ve enhanced the search engine to take queries that return no results and “re-try” by removing parameters and submitting as keyword searches. If that still returns no results, the system will attempt to remove words from the query to find a successful combination.

Example 1 – Search for Title: “Minnesota moose” and you will see the following:

The system could not find results in the Title field, so it tried again by submitting the query as Keywords.

Example 2 – Search for Keyword: “derrick jeter baseball” and you will see the system eliminated the word “derrick” and found results for “jeter” and “baseball” because the proper spelling of Jeter’s first name is Derek. There is also a second result for “derrick” and “baseball”.

When the system cannot find results even after retrying the queries, a list of suggestions will display.

Please note: Profile search preferences are ignored when the system retries No Results queries.