New Search and MackinVIA Reader

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  • Include Not Yet Published items (NYPs)
  • Default Interest Level to narrow your searches to specific interest level ranges
  • Product Type preferences

More Profile features
No Results “Did you mean?” – The system presents search terms with alternate spellings if the query returns no results.

Sort by Price – Results can be sorted by price, High to Low and Low to High. The entire sort is based on Mackin Standard Price.

Unfound Titles – From the No Results page, users can fill out a form to add an Unfound Title to their list.

View List button – This was added to the shopping cart for greater convenience.

Order Description– This has been added to the list information.

MackinVIA and Reader

 Search Mode in the Reader – The search query was passed to the reader when user clicked Open Now and caused the reader to always open in search mode by default. This has been altered so that this behavior only occurs if Ebook Deep Discovery is enabled from the ADMIN side. If it is not enabled, the book opens to the start reading page with no search menu open.

Change Site – In order to facilitate access to the Change Site feature, the link was relocated from My Profile into the Backpack. Staff members will click on the user icon and select Change Site to view and choose the desired school/library from a list of the MackinVIA accounts within your district. This update is especially helpful for those districts where staff members are directed into a professional or district account. Please Note: The Change Site feature is not available in the app at this time.