New Search and MackinVIA Reader

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Over the past year, we have worked to introduce a new search. The goal of this release is to streamline the experience for users, specifically navigating back and forth between search results and lists.

List Details

When users open their lists they will notice an updated look.  Please note: for those who wish to view the lists as they currently look, there is a “Revert to Basic View” option on the “Manage” menu

  • Developed in a grid view, like the old version
  • Select box moved from Left of title to right side of page near quantity.
  • Columns can be added/removed by clicking on the Select Columns button at top of grid
  • Sortable columns
  • “Revert to Basic View” will load the old version of List Details
  • “Format” and “Language” columns will be in a future release

List Details Full Record –
clicking on a title within your list will bring up the full record.  This record looks identical to search results except it has the full list information at the top of the page and the back arrow says << BACK TO LIST DETAILS

Filter List – this function will now be accessible through a button at the top of the title grid

  • This opens a modal with all the available filter parameters
  • When applied, users will see a subset of items in their list
  • Two new buttons will display, a gray “Edit List Filters” as well as a red “Remove Filters”

Remove Deselected Titles – Removes all qty 0 from the list

Note: If your list contains items that were added to the list manually as an unfound title, you will want to use the revert to the basic view option to view them on your list.


Create Account – Users new to will see aredeveloped registration form when creating their account

Manage Account – Current users will see a redeveloped form when updating account information (found under MY ACCOUNT at top of page)

As we move into the spring and summer work will continue to update

Functions in the queue for redevelopment for future release:

  • Forward List
  • List Summary
  • Select Alternate Formats
  • Submitted List Details
  • Print/Export (including special Exports)
  • Merge
  • Move/Copy
  • Order History
  • MP to PB and PB to MB (User must be on the old version of List Details for this function.)
  • List Totals

MackinVIA Reader

New App Release

  • Updated version support (Android 9)
  • Various bug fixes