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Basic Search and previous Profile retired – Basic Search and the previous version of the My Profile page will be officially retired. All navigation directs to New Search and the new Profile page.

Send Order Wizard – The Send Order process will also be converted to the New Search site. The screens look slightly different from the old versions, but the functionality is unchanged.

New List Summary – The List Summary is now integrated with New Search site. The results load very quickly, and all the filters generate results in the new List Details interface.

Please note: The previous List Summary is still accessible when you choose “Revert to Basic View” of the List Details.

Internet Explorer 11 – Mackin has made the decision to end our support of Internet Explorer 11. We encourage users currently using Internet Explorer 11 to use Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge (which is the default Windows browser).

New Select Alternates page – Another interface that has been converted is the Select Alternates page. This is where users can select alternate products for the unavailable titles on their list. It is accessed from the new List Details page. Again, the page functions just like the previous version, but it matches the look and feel of the new site.

Please note: The previous Select Alternates page is still accessible when you choose “Revert to Basic View” of the List Details.

List Filters – List Filters have been improved with the ability to view the filter totals and list totals simultaneously.

In addition, we’ve improved the filters to support more functions. After filtering a list, a user can then:

  • view a Summary
  • Select or Deselect All
  • Batch Move/Copy
  • Batch Change Qty
  • Batch Change Priority
  • Batch Add Note
  • Remove deselections in the filter