LTI Backpack and Digital Audiobook Features

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Please note: These changes are for (browser). An app release is planned for mid-November.

LTI Backpack Features – Users accessing MackinVIA through a learning management system such as Canvas or Schoology will be able to use all the Backpack features including Checkout and Request.


  • Search results are restricted to List View – Tile View is unavailable due to iframe constraints.
  • Change Site feature is disabled because LTI key/secret pairs determine the school.
  • My Profile button is suppressed – Users will need to log into MackinVIA directly to update their profile or change passwords.
  • Exit button is suppressed – Users are required to log into their Backpacks upon first login. Subsequent access from within the LMS will be automatic.

Digital Audiobook cover images

We’ve implemented a “no-cover” default image to display inside the player for titles missing large covers.