New Series Titles For Spring 2017

Words Are Fun (English & Bilingual set of 4)

If You Were a Kid (Spring 2017 set of 4)

Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Composers (Spring 2017 set of 4)

A Step into History™ (Set of 4)

Enchantment of the World™, Second Series (Spring 2017 set of 6)

Rookie series

Rookie Read-Aloud™ (Set of 4)

Rookie Amazing America™ (Set of 4)

Rookie Biographies® (Spring 2017 set of 7)

Rookie Poetry™—Animal Homes (Set of 4)

Rookie Star™— Fact Finder (Spring 2017 set of 4)

You Wouldn’t Want To series

You Wouldn’t Want to … Adventures and Explorers

You Wouldn’t Want to … American History (Spring 2017 set of 2)

You Wouldn’t Want to … Ancient Civilizations (Spring 2017 set of 3)

You Wouldn’t Want to … History of the World (Spring 2017 set of 2)

A True Book series

A True Book™— Biographies (Set of 2)

A True Book™—Farm to Table (Set of 4)

A True Book™— The Most Endangered (Set of 5)