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Spotlight on Global Issues


Grades 7-9


Teens and younger children are increasingly becoming more active in world events as they learn more about the severity of issues that affect all Earth’s inhabitants. The guides in this set focus on environmental issues and burgeoning technologies, but each also addresses the validity and worth of human connections to these issues. This set will engage learners with valuable information on contemporary topics and stress the power of decision-making, argument, and action. In these carefully selected topics, science, social studies, and ELA interdisciplinary issues lend themselves to examination of multiple perspectives, evidence-based arguments, decision-making, and civic action. Readers will learn about the most pressing issues facing our world today. They’ll learn they can take an active role in addressing issues and improving the world for everyone. Features include: Highlights inspiring young activists who have strong voices for global issues and are active agents of change. Encourages readers to learn the facts about global issues. Engages readers in problem-solving strategies. Color photographs, primary sources, and helpful graphics provide a complete learning experience.

New 2021 Fall Series

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