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Fragile Remedy


Grades 9-12


Sixteen-year-old Nate is a Genetically Engineered Medical Surrogate, one of the GEMS made by Gathos City’s scientists to provide new lung tissue to cure a fatal lung rot passing through the land. Smuggled out of the city as a child, Nate has kept his secret in the outer, lawless Withers region all this time, but when he meets and falls for Reed and joins his misfit gang of scavengers, he longs to tell the truth to someone for the first time. Then a spate of violence in the city cuts Nate off from the medicine he needs to survive the destructive genetics the scientists built into his DNA, he must choose between working for a terrorist organization against the City, or stay with Reed, whom he loves.

New 2021 Fall Series


Jolly Fish Press

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