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Super Science Feats: Medical Breakthroughs


Grades 2-5


Who discovered germ theory? Why do we need vaccines? When did people start using antibiotics? Each book in Super Science Feats: Medical Breakthroughs profiles a specific accomplishment in the history of medicine and how those advancements influence our world today, covering relevant topics such as COVID-19. Bright, full-color photographs complement the carefully leveled text to make reading easy and fun. Each title includes an infographic, a glossary, and an index to aid comprehension.

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About Jump!

Jump! is dedicated to improving literacy and enriching children’s lives. They strive to accomplish this by publishing great content that makes reading fun, inspires curiosity about the world, and ultimately leads to a lifetime of learning.

Children open books in hopes of seeing their own lives, interests, and experiences within the pages. It is this perspective that drives every choice they make when creating our books. Jump! strives for diversity and inclusion, showing people in our books at every age, from all ethnicities, and with varying abilities. In addition, they take great care to avoid showing children and adults in stereotypical gender roles. These efforts help ensure their readers see themselves and others as equal members of their communities.