New School Services

We’ve built thousands of custom library collections as unique as your students’ interests.

Year in, year out, Mackin is the premiere choice for new school openings in the nation.

Opening a new media center takes an enormous amount of time and energy and procuring the most appropriate collection your budget will allow is the most critical component. For over 37 years, Mackin has been a reliable and integral partner, successfully compiling printed and digital materials for opening day collections. Assessing budgets and needs and custom crafting a collection based on those requirements is what has made us the recognized experts in this field.
We Listen
We Listen

Mackin is all about customization. We want your library to be a reflection of who you are and what is important to your community. We work with your plans and timelines. We find out how your books are processed and cataloged. We connect you with an experienced coordinator at Mackin who will help you throughout the process and assist you until every book is placed on the shelf.

We Research
We Research

We work with over 18,000 publishers to find the best print books, eBooks, read-alongs, databases, audiobooks, videos, and classroom sets that are best for your school. We review your school or state curriculum. We read reviews, we meet with publishers, and we figure out how best to meet your needs.

We Suggest
We Suggest

We collaborate with you to make sure your collection suits your curriculum and your budget. We give you time to review and make changes as needed. We want you to rest easy knowing that you have our “worry-free” collection development guarantee. We’ll also give you a suggested timeline and make recommendations on shelving space and other details so you know precisely how to plan.

We Deliver
We Deliver

Your collection is going to arrive in complete Dewey order, shelf-ready, cataloged and processed to your requirements. Most processing is free including MARC records, barcode labels, spine labels, mylar covers, and even pockets, property labels, reading labels, or custom labels. As a policy, we send a full crew to make sure every book is on the shelf in a single day. By the time we leave, you are ready for checkout!

  • The Mackin staff of librarians who helped me with our Opening Day Collection were friendly, helpful, and asked me all the right questions to ensure that our books were cataloged and barcoded exactly as I envisioned them. They offered pre-made lists full of relevant, award-winning books, and their selection of Spanish materials was excellent. Choosing Mackin as the Opening Day Collection vendor for our school was the best decision I made for our new library.

    Amy G. Austin, TX

We Offer a Host of FREE Services!

Free Collection Development

We work closely with you to find out what your school needs. We then carefully craft a suggested title list for you and collaborate with you to make sure your collection will meet those needs.

Free Custom Cataloging

Every single book, eBook, audio, or DVD file will arrive fully cataloged to your exact specifications. You will always receive your items with an accompanying MARC record.

Free Shelf-Ready Processing

Your order will arrive fully processed to your exact specifications including barcode labels applied with label protectors, date due slips, spine labels applied with protectors, and mylar covers on jacketed books. Our goal is to make sure every book is ready to go on your shelves with no extra work on your part.

Free Specialized Processing and Cataloging

Mackin has pioneered and mastered the ability to customize processing and cataloging to your needs. Your books will arrive just the way you want them. Free processing includes mylar covers on jacketed books, spine label applied, barcode label applied, and reading level label applied if desired. You can also add one extra option for no charge such as a property label or a Mackin genre label.

Free Dewey Sorting

We stage your library right here on our warehouse shelves so that we can see exactly how the collection flows and make certain it’s just right. Every box is clearly numbered and labeled with the classification numbers of the contents making for an easy day of shelving.

Free Collection Storage

We understand that schools are sometimes not ready as scheduled. Mackin is able to hold the shipment at our Burnsville location for as long as necessary until you are prepared to take delivery. Your collection will be fully insured until it arrives in your library.

Free Shelving Assistance

We will shelve your collection the day after the shipment arrives, or on a mutually agreed upon date. We even break down all boxes and bag all packing materials for easy recycling by your custodial staff. If your circulation system is installed, you can be ready for checkout!

FREE Shipping in the United States!

Your coordinator will stay in close contact with you to make all necessary arrangements for a smooth delivery. We have taken great care to partner with a delivery company that shares our commitment to service. Of course, in true Mackin fashion, there is no additional charge for shipping and handling in the United States.

We’ll Set Up Your New Library in These 7 Easy Steps

Step 1: Collection Development
Mackin will:
  • We will communicate and collaborate with you on your collection list.
  • We will create customized lists that are closely aligned with your curriculum, student demographics, and budget.
  • We will post your lists to your web account for you to review.
  • We stand behind our recommendations with our “full confidence” guarantee. If you purchase a book that we recommended, and you find it unsuitable for your library, we’ll credit your account.
Step 2: Finalize Your Collection List
You can:
  • View your list on your account (if you wish, you can also have a hard copy sent to you)
  • Easily add and subtract from your lists or build additional lists
  • Read reviews on the titles and see cover photos
  • Get an overview of your collection through our unique summary feature
  • Work on specific parts of the collection through our advanced filtering feature
  • Use our TitleMatch feature to avoid duplications
  • Contact your coordinator anytime you need help
Step 3: Finalize Your Cataloging and Processing Specifications
Mackin will:
  • Talk to your district about any district specific requirements including barcode prefixes and starting barcode numbers.
  • Your Project Manager will talk with you by phone to discuss your specifications in detail.
  • Mackin will prepare and email you photos of a processed sample book and MARC record for your approval. We cannot begin processing books without your signed approval form on file.
  • Your Project Manager will help you identify target delivery and shelving dates.
Step 4: Place Your Order
You can:
  • Once you have your lists finalized, let your Project Manager know which lists you plan to order. Ideally, your lists should be ready to order at least 12 weeks prior to the date of desired delivery.
  • Request any needed quotes from Mackin for your business office or send your requisition through for a purchase order with a blanket. Do not exceed amount as your budget dictates.
  • Plan to send your purchase order to us at least 12 weeks prior to the date of desired delivery. We cannot begin working on your order until a valid purchase order has been received. We’ll contact you periodically to discuss “need by” dates.
  • Plan for a tentative delivery and shelving date (knowing that Mackin will confirm everything prior to delivery).
Step 5: Stay in Communication
You can:
  • Please make sure you have provided Mackin your summer contact information. Please inform us of any dates you will be unreachable in case we have questions and an alternate contact person.
  • We will stay in touch to confirm delivery and shelving dates, but please communicate any date changes to Mackin as soon as you are made aware of them.
Step 6: Sit Back and Enjoy your Summer!
Mackin will:
  • We will manage the ordering, cataloging and processing, and preparation of your collection.
  • We will create your virtual library here at Mackin in perfect shelf order.
  • We will pack and ship the collection in order in color-coded boxes.
  • We will set up your MackinVIA account and load it with your digital content.
Step 7: Coordinate Delivery and Shelving Dates
Our staff will:
  • Your Project Manager will schedule delivery and shelving dates with you based on your school’s schedule. If construction causes a delay, that’s no problem. We will store the collection until it is needed on site.
  • Our freight partners will deliver your books on time and directly into the library when possible.
  • Your Project Manager will help you plan for shelving day and determine the best layout for your collection.
  • Your sales consultant will be on hand for shelving day to help manage the shelving process and ensure it all goes smoothly.
  • Your sales consultant or Project Manager will help you download your records.
  • Our e-services team will help you upload student data into MackinVIA if needed.
  • Your sales consultant will schedule any needed MackinVIA training sessions with you.
You are Ready to Go! It’s that easy!

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