Collection Management

Nobody has more book lists than Mackin. Our professional librarians continually create and update book lists to fit every librarian’s unique needs. We have lists for everything, including National and State Awards, Hi-Lo, Graphic Novels, Leveled Reading Programs, Spanish, Bilingual, Popular Series and Reluctant Readers.

We also provide on-demand custom lists to meet your exact needs, complete with review sources, reading levels, and annotations.

Working with more than 18,000 publishers allows us to find the best, most appropriate titles for your unique collection.

Collection Analysis Plus Solutions (CAPS)

Analyze your collection on, or call us and our experienced librarians can walk you through a custom collection analysis step by step.

What information is included in my analysis?

We analyze your existing collection and then compare it to an “exemplary” collection that meets size, age and distribution standards for your student population. We also weed lists of older items in your collection. Below is a sampling of the information provided:

Material Distribution
Distribution of Your Dewey Sections
Average Date of Publication

    Our Recommendation        Your Collection

Tag Report

Many school districts are striving to make their library collections more diverse to reflect the school populations and bring awareness to diversity issues. Mackin’s team of professional librarians and teachers have curated a collection of descriptive, curricular tags to assist with this need. We’ve developed a system where users can view a report of their library collection based on our set of tagged titles. The tag report is available as a collection analysis tool to show how your collection is distributed across these curriculum elements.


TitleMatch helps you manage your collection in real time. As you add to your list, titles that are already in your collection are highlighted so that you won’t accidentally order duplicates. TitleMatch allows you to view matches in a collection for a single or multiple locations. Plus, it will tell you if your titles are on a list or previous Mackin orders.

TitleMatch Activation

Select the uploaded library collections (MARC Records) you want activated for TitleMatch. When a collection is activated, all your search results will include indicators for exact or possible matches.

Note: You may need to click the columns link in the top right corner of your search results to show the TitleMatch column.

Colleague TitleMatch

Colleague TitleMatch helps schools with multiple librarians avoid ordering duplicates. When enabled, your colleagues can view matches to titles on your list while searching for titles or reviewing their lists. Enable a list for Colleague TitleMatch by entering your colleague’s email in the list information. You can also create a preferred list of colleagues on the TitleMatch page to easily assign them when creating or editing lists.

Using Default Lists For Multiple Collection Ordering

Assign a default order list to each collection to save time when ordering for multiple collections. If none of the existing lists from the drop-down box are appropriate, you may want to create a new list for this purpose. Your default designations will be displayed on the Full Record screen so you can immediately save that title to multiple lists.

Color Key

 Exact ISBN
 Possible Match by Title/Author/Added Entry/Series Title
 Possible Match by Title/Author or just Title
 Exact ISBN on a submitted list
 Possible Match by Title/Author/Added Entry/Series Title on a submitted list
 Exact ISBN on current list
 Possible Match by Title/Author/Added Entry/Series Title on a current list
 Exact ISBN on colleague’s list
 Possible Match by Title/Author/Added Entry/Series Title on a colleague’s list

Please Note: Due to possible variations in MARC records, publisher data and other factors, your TitleMatch results may not be 100% accurate.

Learn more about Mackin’s Collection Analysis services with these quick video overviews.

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