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Title Selections

What specific selections would you like to include, or exclude, from your custom title list? 

What percent of your list should be in each category? 

Fictioni.e. 40%
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 What percentage of your titles, if any, would you like in another language? 

Spanishi.e. 5%
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Chinesei.e. 5%
Otheri.e. Russian 5%

 What percentage of your titles, if any, would you like to be bilingual? 

Spanish / Englishi.e. 5%
French / Englishi.e. 5%
Chinese / Englishi.e. 5%
Otheri.e. Russian / English 5%
Additional DetailsPlease list any additional information that would be helpful in choosing titles for your collection (i.e. student demographics, favorite authors, series, standards, etc.).
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What formats would you like included in your title list for this project? 

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Out of the book format, number your preferences, where 1 is most desired.

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Organize and Share

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