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To help you create a digital library with ease and simplicity, we offer a number of professionally created bundles to give schools and students the best collection of titles available that address your individual requirements. After all, shouldn’t your digital library be every bit as unique as your students’ needs?

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Our professional librarians can create a custom starter list specific to the needs of your school. Contact our professionals to create your list today!

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All of Mackin’s recommended book lists are prepared by our in-house librarians and educators, who are dedicated to providing the very best selections available based on the parameters provided by the organizations, librarians, and teachers requesting the title lists. Please understand, however, that all titles provided on our requested or standing lists are options for the purchaser to consider and are not guaranteed to fulfill the exact needs or requirements of every school, classroom, or library. We understand and respect that the purchaser will make the final selections most appropriate for their students. Mackin does not serve as the decision-maker or the authority regarding the titles that should or should not be purchased for any school, library, or classroom.