Shared Digital Collections

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With MackinVIA, sharing eBooks, audiobooks, and all digital content between schools in a district or a consortium is one of the simplest and most economical ways to introduce digital content to a large number of students at an extremely affordable price.
When a digital library is shared, it expands the bounds of what a single school can purchase, giving all participating schools easy access to the purchased content.
Shared Digital Collections

MackinVIA currently provides 150 Shared Collections around the world with the number growing every day!

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What Are the Benefits of Starting a MackinVIA Shared Digital Collection?


All participating schools get access to purchased content


Simple to set up, economical, and extremely affordable


Access to more digital titles than a single school could purchase on its own

Digital Content

Easy way to introduce digital content to a large number of students

Access to MackinVIA Shared Digital Collections requires no annual fee!

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Additional Benefits of Starting a MackinVIA Shared Digital Collection Include:


Custom collection curation by our professional librarians at Mackin or customize yourself

Digital Titles

Purchase digital resources specifically for your school (to be accessed alongside the shared collection)


Free one-time migration of all existing content at the school level


Excellent 24/7 customer service assistance

Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to MackinVIA without paying an annual fee

Happy Customers

Austin ISD selected Mackin to provide our district-wide eBook library because of the flexibility and multi-functionality of the award-winning VIA platform and the company’s willingness to collaborate and personalize to meet our needs. Creating a structure to support sharing eBooks among 82K students at 120 campuses at three levels with two funding sources has been an adventure, but Mackin has been and continues to be a responsive and creative partner. Our students appreciate having access to popular eBooks and our District-wide databases with a single login, our librarians appreciate being able to customize the home page for their campus VIA accounts, and our stretched-thin budget appreciates the ability to seamlessly share digital resources across the District.”

Shannon Pearce, Acquisitions Librarian
Austin Independent School District
117 schools currently sharing digital resources through MackinVIA

Our consortium began using MackinVIA as our eBook portal in 2012. I feel what sets Mackin apart from other vendors is their constant effort to improve and innovate based upon customer feedback. From sales to customer service to technical support, our experience has been exemplary.”

Jane Frizzell, Media Integration Specialist/Librarian
Great Prairie Area Education Agency
116 schools currently sharing digital resources through MackinVIA

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