MackinVIA Class Sets

Short-term eBooks For Your Classroom at an Affordable Price

Mackin Class Sets are short-term eBook licenses, offered by a select group of publishers, which are designated for classroom use. Teachers and/or librarians will be able to purchase multiple copies of an eBook to use in classroom instruction for a shorter license term at an affordable price. This will allow teachers to more effectively utilize digital resources needed for projects, novel sets, and reading groups all within budget.

About Class Sets


Titles are single use: expiration is determined by start date allocated by the teacher/librarian.

Dedicated Copies

Class set copies remain outside a library’s main digital collection.

License Terms

Titles can be purchased for individual classrooms, schools, or an entire district in a single order. Publisher licenses are available, and vary for 60 days, 90 days, 6 months, and 1 year.

Teacher Assigns Titles

Teachers select the number of copies they need, choose the start date, and allocate copies for the classroom, easily inside MackinVIA.

District Rules

For district purchases, Mackin will push class set licenses to the individual schools in quantities the district designates.

Title Ownership

You own the title until it’s assigned to a student.

Activate Title

Students receive a code to activate the book.


Students can access their class sets from inside their Backpack.

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All of Mackin’s recommended book lists are prepared by our in-house librarians and educators, who are dedicated to providing the very best selections available based on the parameters provided by the organizations, librarians, and teachers requesting the title lists. Please understand, however, that all titles provided on our requested or standing lists are options for the purchaser to consider and are not guaranteed to fulfill the exact needs or requirements of every school, classroom, or library. We understand and respect that the purchaser will make the final selections most appropriate for their students. Mackin does not serve as the decision-maker or the authority regarding the titles that should or should not be purchased for any school, library, or classroom.

Quick Overview of Class Sets

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