Efficiently designed with the classroom and library in mind

The FREE Assignments feature allows Administrators and Group Managers to “assign” a title, thereby reserving the copies for a scheduled period of time outside the parameters of a normal MackinVIA checkout. Up until that assignment becomes active, the copies of that title can circulate as normal. When the assignment becomes active, students can access the resource in their Backpacks for the entire assignment period regardless of the checkout period and checkout limit for that MackinVIA account.

The FREE Assignments feature allows Administrators and Group Managers to:


Create a perfect solution for eBook novel sets being used in the classroom.


Reserve copies for class projects, novel sets, or reading groups.

Assign Resources

Past the normal checkout limit and prohibit an item from being returned early.

Ensure Resources

Will be available to students for units, projects, and special assignments.

Watch the video to see how Assignments work for patrons.

MackinVIA is a complete digital resource management system providing easy access to eBooks, audiobooks, databases, and videos. With just one login, users can view, utilize, and manage all of their digital resources. Further, MackinVIA allows simultaneous, unlimited access to multiple users and is mobile friendly. Go HERE for more information about MackinVIA and HERE for FAQs.

Important Things To Know


The Assignments feature will not work with titles that have 26 or 52 checkouts.

Easy Process

For setting up Assignment start and end dates.

Time Saving

Admin tools to manage copies and Assignment members.

Easy Access

Students can easily access assigned resources through MackinVIA.

How to use the Assignments feature as an Administrator