5 Ways to Use MackinVIA

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Home Page

  • Scrolling banners highlight the newest, highest-rated, and top resources for the month.
  • Option to include DOGOnews – regularly updated, professionally written articles on current events that are aligned to national and state standards.
  • Add any Groups or Categories you want to promote.

Group created for a unit on Black History Month could be added to Home Page as a Featured Group in February.



  • Individual accounts for each user within the school’s MackinVIA.
  • Allows users to check out eBooks and audiobooks, take notes, highlight and add bookmarks in eBooks, and save resources as Favorites.
  • Notes and bookmarks are saved in the Notebook and can be accessed later, even if the user no longer has that eBook checked out.
  • Notebook can be exported to Google Drive or OneDrive.
  • With the MackinVIA app, users can download eBooks and audiobooks to access offline.


  • Help customize and narrow down your collection to make it easier for students to find the resources that fit their needs.
  • Create Groups based on grade, reading level, subject area, lesson plan, or anything you like!
  • Can include all resource types: eBooks, databases, audiobooks, videos, and links
  • Teachers can be given Group Administrator rights so they can create the Groups needed for their classes.

Teacher planning a unit on weather can create a Group that includes eBooks on the different types of weather, a science database that includes a section on weather, a link to the National Weather Service or local weather station, and even videos of different weather events.



  • Allows Administrators to “assign” an eBook or audiobook to a particular group of students.
  • Reserves the selected number of copies of a title for a scheduled period of time, assuring that all students will have access.
  • Assignment period is outside normal parameters for checkout periods and limits.
  • A unique code is set up for each Assignment and is distributed to students.
  • Students enter the code and then have that title in their Backpack for entire assignment period.
  • Designed with the classroom in mind and can be used to reserve copies of that title for class projects, novel sets, or reading groups.
LMS Integrations

Learning Management System Integrations

  • MackinVIA can be integrated with your school’s learning management system (LMS).
  • Allows teachers and librarians to access their MackinVIA Backpack account within the LMS and add MackinVIA resources to a classroom or assignment.
  • Currently supported systems: Canvas, Moodle, Schoology
  • We also have Google Classroom capability (Allows administrators to share resources, Groups, Categories, and Assignments to their Google Classroom).

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