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AUDISEE™ eBooks with Audio Text with Audio Engages Readers

Audisee™ eBooks with Audio are the solution for your reluctant readers! Sentence highlighting with professional narration bring these eBooks to life. Students are drawn to the wide selection of titles from curriculum-oriented nonfiction to award-winning young-adult fiction. Even the most reluctant student can’t resist participating in the reading process!

Audisee™ eBooks with audio spark interest with:

  • Reluctant readers
  • Struggling readers
  • Auditory learners
  • ELL/ESL students
  • On-level students
AUDISEE eBook Covers
Audisee Laptop

Innovative Features

Audisee™ eBooks with Audio work on a wide-range of devices from hand-held e-readers to desktops. Fixed-format pagination supports instruction allowing groups of readers a common, shared reading experience.

Audisee™ eBooks with Audio feature:

  • Engaging fiction and nonfiction content
  • Fluent, professional audio narration
  • Sentence highlighting
  • Fixed eBook formatting
  • Content for grades 4-12
  • Single-and multi-user purchasing options
  • Compatible with iPads and other portable devices

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Lerner Interactive Books™

Lerner Interactive Books™ give readers at all levels a new way to build confidence, skills, and make reading and learning fun – not frustrating. They feature unique educational activities and resources to extend the reading experience.

Key Features

Sound: The sound option allows kids to practice reading independently or follow along as the book is read.

Highlighted Text: Early readers can follow along as each word is highlighted on the screen as it is read aloud.

Single Word Repeat: Select and click any word on the page to hear it repeated and pronounced.

Three Audio Speeds: Three audio speeds allow students to adjust the reading pace to their ability.

Glossary: Children can hear the definitions read aloud. Helps early readers increase their vocabularies.

Easy Tools: Students control the reading experience with large, colorful tools that are easy to use for even the youngest learners.

Progress Bar: The click-and-drag progress bar allows readers to quickly jump to pages within the book.

Zoom: The zoom-in feature allows readers to click-and-zoom within a page for easier reading.

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Are You Ready for Spring?


The Night Sky

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Lerner Digital™ eBooks

Lerner Digital™ eBooks support class reading, pleasure reading, report writing, research and instructional delivery in K-12 classrooms. Share eBooks simultaneously across your school for one low price. Multi-user access means no holds and no waiting – just learning and great reading!

Licensing and Access



Renewal Required: You must renew this subscription every year.
Lifetime Access: You only need to purchase this product one time.
Simultaneous Access: More than one person can use this product at the same time.
Multi-School Incremental Discounts: Discounts available if purchasing for more than one school/location. Contact Mackin for discount information at eservices@mackin.com.
Multi-Year Discounts: Discounts available if purchasing for more than one consecutive year. Contact Mackin for discount information at eservices@mackin.com.
Content Correlation: NF=Nonfiction F=Fiction

Minimum System Requirements

General System Requirements
T1 Connection or higher at building level (minimum); T3 Connection or higher at building level (recommended)
Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or higher installed on each computer that will access Lerner Interactive Books
Screen resolution adjusted to 1024 x 768 or higher (1440 x 900 recommended)
Recommended monitor screen size: 17″ or higher
Speakers or headsets

For Windows
Microsoft Windows XP
Intel Celeron 2.0 GHz CPU
512 MB RAM
100 MB Free Disk Space (Browser Cache)
128 MB Graphics Card
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0
Firefox 3.0
Sound Card

For Mac
Mac OSX v.10.4
Power PC G5 or Intel processor
512 MB RAM
100 MB Free Disk Space
128 MB Graphics Card
Firefox 3.0
Safari 3

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