EBSCO eBooks

Hundreds of Thousands of Premium Titles from Leading Publishers

EBSCO offers over 500,000 high-quality eBook titles from top traditional and university publishers, ensuring that you’ll find valuable, trusted content with every search. Build a collection from a growing selection of best-selling, frontlist and award-winning eBooks across a wide range of subject matter— including academic titles, popular fiction, nonfiction, earth science, social studies, world cultures and more.

Additional Benefits of EBSCO eBooks™

  • Familiar functionality and features of EBSCO host make for a user-friendly search experience
  • Simple download process makes obtaining titles easy from any computer, and titles are compatible with most portable devices
  • New EBSCO eBooks app enables users to download titles for an on-the-go, 24/7 reading experience
  • Select from a variety of collection development options to build or expand any collection
  • Review valuable usage and collection development reports through easy-to-use management tools
  • Implementation, training and on-going support services available

Acquisition Models

EBSCO offers eBooks with no markups and no fees, so they are extremely cost-effective. Several convenient options are offered and include ownership, acquisition, subscription or a combination. Flexible ownership options are offered based on the amount of desired users. Subscription packages are offered on an annual basis with unlimited simultaneous user access at a fraction of the purchase price.

EBSCO makes reading an eBook easy!

The EBSCO eBooks viewer is an internet browser-based, eBook reader for use on a desktop or laptop computer or tablet device. Users can browse a library’s online catalog using EBSCOhost® and EBSCO Discovery Service, and seamlessly access eBooks without needing special software. A reader simply has to select the e-book in a library’s digital collection and press either the PDF Full Text or EPUB Full Text button to launch the viewer.