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Custom Digital Subscriptions

We’ve put together custom packages of multi-user eBooks, perfectly geared toward classroom and curriculum usage. Let us know what grades and topics you’d like your custom package to focus on and we’ll take care of the rest!

Why Buy an Annual Multi-User Subscription Package?

Multiple Users

No need to worry about enough copies for your class, all students can access each title simultaneously


Multi-user, 1-year subscription titles offer unlimited access for pennies per student


Build your own custom subscription package aligned to your curriculum

Curriculum Aligned

Ideal for classroom and curriculum access


Perfect way to pilot a digital instructional program


Works great with your Learning Management System

Yearly Flexibility

Current, relevant content can be switched from year to year

Track Usage

Track students’ usage and refresh content based on their interests

Looking for digital audiobook bundles?

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*Multi-user, 1-year subscription packages cannot be shared across multiple sites/schools. Pricing available for multi-site or district purchases. Contact your Mackin Sales Representative or call 800-245-9540 for more information.

Starter eBook Bundles

To help you create a digital library with ease and simplicity, we offer a number of professionally created bundles to give schools and students the best collection of titles available that address your individual requirements. After all, shouldn’t your digital library be every bit as unique as your students’ needs?

Looking for a print and/or digital subscription plan? Check out MackinCurator!

Did You Know?

Our professional librarians can create a custom starter list specific to the needs of your school. Contact our professionals to create your list today!

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