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Social Studies Page

Unique insights, first-class scholarship, and political and cultural analysis for an array of social studies topics.

Language Arts Page

Expert contributions and analysis offer a global survey of issues ranging from studies of literature to local cultures and folklore.

Science Page

Discussion of outstanding figures in the sciences and extensive coverage of developments and breakthroughs in science and technology.

The Arts Page

A remarkable and comprehensive survey of the best in the fine and applied arts, theater and drama, and music from every generation and genre.

Teacher’s Corner

Prepared Classroom Activities. Personal code access to secured activities, lesson plans, teacher’s guides, crosswords, quizzes and answers on more than 2,000 topics.

Access Special Features and Collections

China: Over the Great Wall

Diversity in America

Environment in Flux

Millennial Moments

Outstanding ESL Americans

The U.S. Constitution

A Window to India

World of Nature

Worldwide Folktales

Writers and Writing

Scientists Past & Present

Shedding Light on Islam

Civics and U.S. Legal System

Painting & Sculpture


An Outstanding Resource Like No Other!

World and I Kids, designed for grades 3 through 8, offers more than just learning about the world. It provides students the opportunity to discover new perspectives, experience new cultures, cultivate a strong sense of character, and develop a positive outlook on life! Teachers are welcome to submit their own content, making World and I Kids a truly collaborative, engaging resource!

History Makers

Read about important figures throughout history! These helpful bios include informative pictures, famous quotes, vocabulary words, and quizzes.


Discover amazing cultural artifacts from around the world and master geography within weeks!


Inspirational quotations with speaker information and advice to guide and motivate students in their daily lives. All Inspire articles now accompanied by voiceover!

Did You Know?

Learn fascinating facts every weekday! Includes Amazing Places, Strange Science, Incredible Individuals, Awesome Art, and Wacky Words.

Create Your Company

Get an inside look at today’s most successful businesses and even create your own company!

Cyber Exhibits

Explore quality images from galleries around the world! All exhibits are paired with useful information and questions to spark creativity.

What If?

Weekly interactive scenarios spur thought and discussion, and let students give their own answers before reading our recommendations.


Enjoy engaging stories from around the world! Folktales are a wonderful way to explore other cultures and have fun doing it!

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