Kid-friendly, standards-aligned educational podcasts students listen to while they walk!

How It Works

  • The program, available as both digital downloads and on preloaded audio devices, is used in all types of educational settings.
  • Podcast topics cover English language arts, science, and social studies and are appropriate for grades 3 through 8.
  • Each 15-minute standards-aligned podcast begins with a different health message to build health literacy.
  • Character values woven throughout each podcast support social and emotional learning (SEL).
  • Lesson plans include vocabulary, discussion questions, and quizzes for each podcast.
  • Program is EASY to implement and complimentary online training and professional development is available.
  • Kids LOVE it!
  • "Thank you for creating a fun and engaging curriculum that doesn’t waste time or take extra effort. Thank you for aligning to my standards. Thank you for integrating science and social studies topics. Just... thank you.”

    Candice 5th Grade Teacher, NC

Demonstrated Results

Based on research conducted by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Impacts of walking while listening to TWC podcasts (vs. sitting and listening):
  • Higher levels of cognitive Performance (on both short- and long-term learning!)
  • Improved mood
  • Increased classroom engagement
  • Greater enjoyment of walking
Composite of 20 student brains taking the same test

After sitting quietly


After 20-minute walk

Research/scan compliments of Dr. Chuck Hillman, University of Illinois

Digital Download Podcast Bundles

The Walking Classroom podcasts and corresponding lesson plans are available as digital downloads
in the following bundles:

Preloaded Audio Devices (WalkKit)

Teacher’s Guides are available with full lesson plans for each podcast

  • "Believe it or not, The Walking Classroom lets me learn even better than when I learn in class. The Walking Classroom is the best."

    Tyrone 5th grader, FL