The Great Illustrated Encyclopedia

Q-files is an online encyclopedia, specially designed for children aged 8 to 13, and ideal for K-12 schools and public libraries. Containing more than 1400 pages, all of them carefully vetted by academic experts, this superlative educational resource has in-depth coverage of science, nature, prehistory, astronomy, technology, history, geography, and the arts. Every page is brimming with information, including bite-sized facts (“Q-facts”), top-quality illustrations, diagrams, photos, and videos. Great for homework help, class exercises, and for building lesson plans.

Why Q-files Will Benefit Your School or Library

When you subscribe to Q-files, you will have acquired the digital equivalent of an encyclopedia running to hundreds of volumes for your school or library. Just like any reference books worthy of the name, every page on the Q-files site has been carefully checked over by academic experts, so you can trust the content absolutely. We know how important this aspect is. We at Q-files are book publishers ourselves.

Comprehensive, in-depth, authoritative educational resource

Age-appropriate reading level, layout, and style designed to appeal to children

Mobile version available, ideal for checking out facts on the move

Custom-built search engine delivers highly relevant results

More than 10,000 images for educational use

Created by long-established children’s reference book publishers

Continually updated, improved, and expanded on a daily basis

Great for homework, projects, lesson plans, online research exercises, developing IT skills, and literacy

Verified by academic experts

Aligned with Common Core

  • While there are many, many websites where pupils are able to access information, Q-files has been the most trustworthy and reliable site I’ve experienced.

    Emily Funnell Teacher, Gallions Primary School, Newham, London UK
  • As the ex head of an all-through (3-18) school I am very impressed by the versatility and functionality of your website. I see this as a superb resource for a school, and can see its adaptability across the full age range.

    Dave Harris MD, Independent Thinking Limited
  • Brilliant. At last, a proper, well-written source for children in one place. Been hoping for this for so long!

    Jeremy Bloomfield Head of IT, Moor Park School, Ludlow, UK
  • Whether your little ones are working on an important research project or they are just curious about the world around them, Q-files is their number one trusted resource.

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