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Game Learning brings Early American History to life, through engaging, educational video games, and accompanying ABDO eBooks. Fun is our foundation because, as research shows, it promotes deeper learning while creating motivation to learn more.  Beyond just memorizing names and dates, Game Learning’s Early American History Pack fosters historical empathy by allowing students to see the same events from multiple perspectives to understand what life was like for diverse cross-sections of historical societies, including people of different ages, classes, races, ethnicities, and genders.

History Comes to Life Through Educational Video Games

Games use a variety of play styles to support various preferred learning styles, incorporate diverse in-game challenges, and use witty modern-day dialogue. Teachers also love the Early American History Pack because games offer:

Teacher Dashboard with Student Analytics

LTI & LMS integration

State & National Standard Alignment

Hardware Agonistic

Single Sign-On (SSO)

In-Game Assessments

  • The game teaches a lot about food, clothing, shelter in pre-modern conditions, particularly in a frontier setting; there’s some inherent drama in getting things figured out before winter.  It was fun and, if I let myself, I could probably get sucked in for far longer than I should.

    Dave Neumann Assistant Professor of Education and Integrative Studies at Cal Poly Pomona, and former director of the History Project at CSU Long Beach
  • It was very exciting to see how enthusiastic my students were to learn about history!

    Sarah Perkins Larchmont Charter School
  • My class has been using Game Learning video games in our classroom for a couple of years now and it’s so rewarding to see my students excited about History and learning. They love playing the games and competing with each other using the scoreboard. More than that, they really are learning through the games and interacting with historical characters and themes. I am able to witness this not just through observations and discussions with my students, but I can see their progress from the teacher dashboard as well. I highly recommend these history-based educational video games. It's important to bring history alive!

    Samantha Hillis U.S. History, Speech/Debate, and Leadership Teacher
  • The game is good. It’s really intensive.

    Keith Pluymers Postdoctoral Fellow, Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Caltech University
  • This rocks!

    Lucy Herman Student, Age 10
  • If more schools and after school programs utilized video games to make learning fun, every one of the youths would be invested in learning. The world is changing, so should the way we teach and engage with youth. This is a great step forward.

    Carlos Baltazar Boys & Girls Club

Explore All Games

The Early American History Pack includes five engaging, educational video games which bring pivotal moments in history to life using 21st Century technology. Each game has an accompanying eBook, focusing on events such as the California Gold Rush, events leading to the American Revolution, and much more. Using multiple play styles to support auditory, visual, or kinesthetic preferred learning styles, our Early American History Pack makes history an active, vibrant, and fun subject for students.


Spies of The American Revolution

Get into character and master the art of spycraft as you uncover secret plans of the British on behalf of General George Washington. Will your spy skills help the colonists to stay one step ahead of the British and emerge victorious in the Revolutionary War?


The Adventures of Lewis & Clarke

Get ready to go where no American has gone before, on a journey to the Pacific Ocean! Will you and your traveling partners survive the journey into the unknown? Can you make it back alive to tell President Jefferson what lies west of the Mississippi?


The Gold Rush

Experience the discovery of gold in 1848! Can you build a thriving California boomtown while also staking your mining claim? Will you thrive or barely survive?


Discover the untold stories of the colony of Roanoke and why it didn’t survive. See if you are still standing after experiencing the obstacles and challenges, the very first colonial settlers faced, upon arriving at Roanoke.

Boston: Road to Revolution

Experience events that sparked the Revolutionary War. Live through the calamities that would lead colonists to all-out war with the British Empire. Will you join the Revolution, and succeed in your quest for liberty?

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Minimum System Requirements

Games are easily implemented in classrooms, operating on existing devices with low-tech requirements.  Single sign-on and autosave give educators flexibility and control. All games are COPPA compliant and can be delivered via Google Classroom, Schoology, Blackboard, and Canvas.

Game Learning is designed to run on minimal hardware at a high performance, as we know teachers don’t always have access to high-end computing for all their students. All that is required is iOS v 9.3.5+ on iPad, or our supported web browsers on any laptop or desktop.