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Pathways: Science

GL 6-8
Winner of the 2014 Teachers’ Choice Award, Pathways: Science is an online, interactive approach to teaching the scientific method in grades 6, 7, and 8. Its framework is ideal for project-based learning, teacher-led instruction, and STEM programs.

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With 100 lessons tied to the curriculum, Pathways: Science uses a consistent Predict-Investigate-Conclude process that promotes inquiry-based learning, critical thinking, and conceptual change.

Support Next Generation Science, Common Core ELA, and State Standards
Students learn to reach conclusions by comparing and contrasting information, determining central ideas, evaluating arguments, and analyzing evidence.

Integrate Content Easily with Teacher Support Tools
Extensive lesson guidance—flexible lesson plans, searchable standards correlations, and worksheets—saves preparation time for teachers.

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Easy access to nearly 3 million rights-cleared images from 60+ of the best collections in the world. Great for teacher lessons plans, assignments, activities, and whiteboards; student reports and projects; or school Web sites, newsletters, newspapers, flyers, and bulletins.

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Dorling Kindersley Images, Getty Images, the National Portrait Gallery of London, the National Geographic Society, and other leading names have joined with Britannica to provide the best and broadest collection of proprietary educational imagery. Free of advertising and from trustworthy sources, Image Quest provides safe and fast access to the highest quality images on all topics and for all ages. Organized by subject matter and fully searchable.

Each photo or illustration comes with complete metadata, including the source, the copyright holder, caption, and keywords. Because Britannica has done the work of finding the best photos—most of which are not freely available on the Web—you can trust the source and be certain that you’re using an accurate photo.

Images can be downloaded, printed, saved in a “My Images” or virtual folder, or e-mailed as jpegs or gifs.

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Annals of American History

GL 6-12, College/University

This valuable online chronicle provides a year-by-year documentary of American thought and action. Read the original words of more than 1,500 authors who made and analyzed American history through their speeches, writings, memoirs, poems, and interviews.

Britannica Escolar

Foreign Language | GL PK-8
This online database offers accurate and age-appropriate content in Spanish! New features make it more valuable than ever for native Spanish speakers, bilingual students, and students learning Spanish.

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  • Two levels—Primaria for elementary and Secundaria for middle school—offer unique content that is of interest to every student. Search easily across levels by topic or subject area.
  • Reino Animal (Animal Kingdom) and ¿Sabías Que …? (Did You Know?) pique students’ curiosity and desire to dig deeper.
  • Save, organize, and share content in Mi Britannica (My Britannica).
  • A responsive design provides access to the site on any device.
  • Connect to your other Britannica resources from the Escolar home page.

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Britannica Moderna

Foreign Language | GL  9-12, College/University

Older Spanish-language students can turn to Britannica Moderna as a resource. Complete with a dictionary and atlas, Moderna’s new features now make it more valuable than ever for native Spanish speakers, bilingual students, and students learning Spanish.

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  • Content. More than 47,000 articles, 8,000 images, maps, and audiovisual materials. It includes the Merriam-Webster Spanish-English Dictionary and the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language (RAE) dictionary.
  • My Research. Now you can create a personal account to store, organize, and add notes to your favorite multimedia content and resources.
  • News. Get the latest BBC World News—international news, features, and analysis.
  • Items Updated. Britannica Moderna constantly updates its content—the most recently revised articles are featured directly on the home page.
  • Responsive Design. Enjoy the same user experience on a tablet, smartphone, laptop, desktop computer, or any Internet-connected device.

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Universalis Junior

Foreign Langauge | GL 1-12

The largest French-language reference resource! Created in collaboration with education and childhood experts. Students will enjoy the intuitive interface that offers access to 2,500 encyclopedia articles. Perfect for homework, projects, and satisfying natural curiosity, it’s an easy-to-use and engaging tool that teaches research skills and makes learning fun.

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Comprehensive Coverage of School Subjects
Students can explore what they’ve covered in school and other topics of interest: historical figures and events, famous individuals and fictional heroes, cities and countries, plants and animals, people and cultures, science and technology, sports, and more.

Created for Ages 7 and Up
Universalis Junior Online delivers the information that young learners need for homework and school projects. Do a key word search on a specific topic or browse A-Z entries to get ideas. Articles include links to related entries so that students can continue to discover and learn.

Bright, Engaging, and Stimulating
A lively interface and more than 3,100 photographs, maps, flags, charts, and images will draw students in to the encyclopedia. Plus, “Do You Know” and the “Image of the Day” are fun ways to interest young learners.

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