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Thoughtful Topic Centers

Reflecting a research-based approach to curation of topics and subtopics by a team of scholars, educators, and librarians, all articles and entries present balanced narratives of social studies subjects.

Inquiry Learning Model

Purposeful structure assures librarians and teachers that their developing inquiry learners can seek answers, discover meaning, and build authentic understanding in a reliable environment.

Intuitive Searching

Advanced search capabilities and easy-to-use homepages streamline searching and browsing by making content discoverable by topic, time period, keyword, theme, and resource type.

Constant Updates

In every database, a unique editorial team of highly regarded historians and educators continually updates all entries to ensure that students have access to accurate and relevant research.

Video Learning Modules

More than 1,800 Course Essentials videos in the American Government, American History, World History: Ancient and Medieval Eras, and World History: The Modern Era databases give students context that primes them to explore new concepts more deeply.

Gathering and Evaluating Sources

Each database houses an entire library of thousands of primary and secondary sources plus focused primary source lists most applicable to forming a critical understanding of topics, providing students with a starting point for supporting evidence-based claims.

Award-Winning Content

Gain access to over 200,000 primary and secondary sources that are continuously updated and reviewed by subject-specific experts.

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American Government

Explains the foundations of our government and political systems in detail, and illustrates their relevance to today’s issues.

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  • Covers our national government, local and state systems, and rights and liberties, comparing them to those of other countries.
  • 12,000+ primary sources and 2,100 biographies of both historical and current government figures, including Supreme Court justices and members of the U.S. House and Senate.

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American History

A remarkable survey of American history from 1350 to the present, organized chronologically and thematically, linking reference, curriculum, and analysis of current events.

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  • Over 16,000 primary and secondary sources.
  • 100+ topical overviews and nearly 3,300 biographies of influential political and military figures.

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American Mosaic: African American Experience

An incredibly comprehensive and compelling story of almost 400 years of history, recounted by African American authors and primary sources.

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  • Covers the black experience from its African origins to the present day, including black contributions to science, business, education, the arts, the military, and politics.
  • 500+ primary source documents and 1,500 photographs, maps, and images.

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American Mosaic: American Indian Experience

This unique resource illuminates the histories and contemporary cultures of the indigenous peoples of the United States.

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  • Extensive, in-depth information on the American Indian nations, including primary and secondary sources, and a wealth of maps and photographs.
  • Designed, developed, and indexed under the guidance of Advisory Editor Dr. Loriene Roy and a team of American Indian librarians and scholars.

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American Mosaic: Latino American Experience

Dedicated to the diverse history and culture of Latinos—the largest, fastest-growing minority group in the United States.

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  • Covers early civilizations up to the most recent political movements and achievements of contemporary Latinos.
  • Content includes hundreds of primary documents and media, including speeches, maps, songs, audio clips, interviews, and vivid historical photographs.

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Daily Life Through History

Much more than just facts and information, this database makes global history interesting, relevant, and meaningful from students’ modern-day perspectives.

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  • Compiles information from over 45 Greenwood single- and multivolume reference works.
  • Video and audio files, maps, and images offer fascinating insights into history.

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Health and Wellness Issues

This unique database enables students to better understand the health and wellness issues affecting them, their peers, and our greater society through a multitude of authoritative reference entries and expert perspective essays.

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  • Houses more than 2,500 reference entries covering well-being and physical, mental, and social health, with additional content added monthly
  • Focuses on more than 65 key health-related issues, offering in-depth explorations of topics that matter most to teens
  • Includes detailed explanations of the structure and function of all 14 major body systems, augmented with stunning anatomical illustrations
  • Provides two dozen Perspectives that feature scholars’ insights on a wide variety of controversies and debates, fostering critical thinking and analytical skills among students
  • Features monthly commentaries written by a professional advisory board that help contextualize current health news

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Issues: Understanding Controversy & Society

Explains how society shapes and is shaped by controversy, providing authoritative historical context, expert perspectives, and vetted sources on today’s most important issues.

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  • Connect current events and their historical roots with explorations of more than 150 of today’s most significant social issues.
  • 3,000 articles and 4,000 multimedia primary sources provide historical context for the issues.

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Modern Genocide

A comprehensive resource providing definitive expertise on a sensitive topic, this database also includes 300 primary sources illustrating the process and outcome of genocide.

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  • Content includes feature stories and essays presenting timely original material and a complete media library with hundreds of photographs, maps, videos.
  • Activities developed by Sara Cohan, director of the Genocide Education Project, and authoritative materials written by 100 contributors and overseen by expert advisory board.

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Pop Culture Universe: Icons, Idols, & Ideas

An exploration of everything in popular culture, both past and present—in a package as dynamic as the topic it covers.

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Includes real-time enhancements to continuously update existing entries and add brand-new content—at no extra cost.

  • “Stories” sections offer informative, at-a-glance articles focused on describing major events and trends in pop culture from the 1900s to the present, from the Gibson Girls of the Gilded Age to the social media of the 2000s.

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United States Geography

Highlights the physical geography, government, economy, and culture of all 50 states.

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  • Addresses state geography standards and includes thousands of primary sources, such as maps, speeches, and audio of state songs.
  • Goes well beyond geography to provide facts and figures on population, industry and labor, health, and society.

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World at War

Presents comprehensive information and unique insights into the military conflicts that have defined our nation’s identity from its beginning to today.

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  • Developed by ABC-CLIO’s award-winning military history team, including the renowned Dr. Spencer Tucker.
  • Provides complete overviews of 27 wars and includes more than 8,000 primary sources.

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World Geography

Provides critical insight into the political, social, economic, and cultural forces in our complex world to enable global literacy.

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  • Nearly 200 country overviews and 1,700 biographies of political and cultural figures.
  • Close to 25,000 primary and secondary sources, plus statistical tools for comparing data among countries.

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World History: Ancient & Medieval Eras

An examination of prehistoric times through the great ancient empires to the beginnings of the Renaissance.

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  • Enables a deeper understanding of history on topics ranging from King Arthur to ancient Egypt.
  • 1,500 biographies of important leaders and nearly 8,500 primary and secondary sources.

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World History: Modern Era

Includes everything from the ongoing crises in the Middle East, to civil strife across Africa, to the vestiges of communism in China, South Korea, and Cuba.

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  • Covers all regions of the world from 1500 to the present.
  • More than 7,300 primary sources, including newsreel and video footage.

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World Religions: Belief, Culture, and Controversy

Provides a virtual textbook that covers religion across the globe, making student research on faith and belief across humanity easier, and enabling a deeper understanding of the complex issues facing us in the 21st century.

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  • More than 50 religion overviews, covering such topics as agnosticism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Shinto.
  • Extensive reference entries on religion in every country, including statistics on the number of followers of various beliefs in the past, present, and projections for the future.

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