go reader

The GoReader™ is a self-driven, portable reading aid allowing for one-on-one instruction, on the go!

The GoReader audiobook is a portable MP3 audio device that connects listeners to their favorite books. GoReader’s cutting-edge audio technology is simple, dynamic and ready to use the moment it arrives at your school or library. It was designed to give striving readers access to books through self-driven audio support. Single-purpose reading-aid technology means no internet, no games, no movies — no distractions.

A research-based approach to reading intervention, the Book Buddy Hear & Read program pairs print content with audio, using the accessible, enabling technology of the GoReader™.

Pre-loaded with audio, simple to operate, and affordable.

Hear & Read helps students develop phonemic awareness and fluency by synchronizing the image of a word with the sound of that word, and ultimately, the meaning of that word.

Individualize instruction, despite over crowded classrooms.

Self-driven support, through simple technology, scaffolds instruction while building confidence.

GoReader device and book covers

Key Features

Portable, pre-loaded audio

No downloads, CDs, or cassettes

Professionally recorded and packed with embedded sound effects and music that enhance the listening experience

Students can navigate with ease through the audiobook at their own pace

Batteries and headphones are included

Shelf-ready packaging. Free processing available.