Curriculum Solutions

Our Classroom Services team works with you to provide titles that align with state standards, CCSS, or textbooks. We use our partnership with thousands of publishers to pull together a wealth of differentiated materials that supplement and teach the standards your students need to master.


Your designated Classroom Services Coordinator will take the time to build a customized list for you, after a discussion on the needs of your classroom. Each title will be hand-selected with intention and purpose, building you a unique collection that caters specifically to your students.

Fill out our Resources Development Form and let us know what you need!


Mackin has several packaging options to offer as a means of organizing your classroom materials.

Tote Bins


Curriculum orders are eligible to receive FREE customized labels and inventory tracking solutions.

Barcodes or pockets & borrower’s cards

Reading Level Labels

Custom Identifier Label


Mackin will sort your classroom library collections in a manner that makes unpacking your materials effortless.




  • Mackin representatives are always immediately responsive. The staff also asks good questions when I miss something. They know my library, how I like to have things processed and they anticipate my needs.

    Sandra P. Teacher Librarian, Skyline Middle School, Harrisonburg, VA