MackinVIA, Reader, Admin, and More

MackinVIA Reader New versions of our apps– These will be released to the public in app stores on October 25. Provided By– When users click on “More Information” for resources [...]

MackinVIA Reader, Admin and More

MackinVIA Reader Read-Along Support – Read-Along eBooks offer professional narration synchronized with a highlight that indicates the current sentence and emphasizes the current word as it is [...]

MackinVIA Themes, Custom Logo and More

MackinVIA Reader Dictionary Pronunciation – We’ve taken advantage of the data provided to us by Merriam-Webster to implement a pronunciation feature. Simply click or tap the blue speaker button [...]

MackinVIA eReader New Interface and More

MackinVIA MackinVIA eReader New Interface – The MackinVIA eReader, both online and the mobile apps, has a clean new interface and some exciting new features. Features: HTML5 technology to make [...]

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