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  • Inhabiting Story: Guest Post By Xelena González September 21, 2020
    “Mind off. Body On.” This was the simple guidance offered by my favorite gym instructor before any of her classes began. It didn’t matter what she was teaching—kickboxing, yoga, strength training—her instruction held the same power each time. I was suddenly in the flow! Anyone who has tried meditation knows that it is rarely that […]
  • Everything Sad Is Untrue: Guest Post by Daniel Nayeri September 17, 2020
    Daniel Nayeri’s latest middle-grade book, Everything Sad is Untrue, is an autobiographical work of fiction. In today’s guest post on the Mackin Community Blog, Daniel describes his book for us before moving into a photo essay about the real-life people behind the characters in his novel. This essay is written as if he is the […]