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MackinCurator is a new custom subscription service from Mackin. Our professional librarians and educators work with you to create a custom program of titles that meets your needs. Best of all, YOU decide the price you want to pay! We deliver three shipments throughout the year. Pay once and you’re all set.

Top 5 Reasons Why the New MackinCurator Subscription Works For You!


Huge timesaver for busy library professionals that need to balance numerous responsibilities.

Created by Professionals!

MackinCurator recommended lists are created by professional librarians and teachers that can sift through thousands of new books and digital resources to create customized lists, based on your personal profile of preapproved categories, topics or genres for your library.  Plus, they double check against your current collection to avoid duplicates.

You Approve the Titles!

Once you have reviewed the recommended list of titles that are created for you three times per year, any items that are left on your list on Mackin.com at the end of the 7-day review window are automatically ordered against your prepaid subscription dollars.

You Decide the Price!

The amount of money you spend on your subscription is completely determined by you!  There is a minimum value of $1,000 but you can issue a PO for whatever amount you want to spend on your subscription over that amount.

Start Anytime!

You can start your subscription anytime during the year. We will determine your three delivery dates or you select the 3 months you want to receive shipments.

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  • 1. How will I know when my 7-day review window starts?

    An email will be sent to you announcing that your list has been posted and clearly listing when the 7-day review period ends. If you look at your list on day one and love all your titles, you can let us know right away to get these titles on order for you, or you can choose not to respond and let the 7-day window expire automatically and the titles will be sent.

  • 2. What happens if I miss the 7-day window of reviewing the titles and deleting any titles I may not want (i.e. illness, vacation/school breaks, etc.)?

    Our MackinCurator professionals are choosing the best titles that meet your exact profile which you completed when you subscribed to MackinCurator so we hope you love all our selections. At the end of the 7-day review period, all of the titles that are on your list will be provided, whether you have made any changes or not. The beauty of this service is that you aren’t required to edit the list if you don’t want to; you can just let great titles automatically be shipped to you. Of course, we will try not to post lists for your approval during major holiday or school break periods so if you have specific timelines that you wouldn’t be able to review a list, please let us know on your order form.

  • 3. How large is the list of titles that is being created for me to choose from 3 times a year?

    That depends on how much funding you have allocated for your MackinCurator subscription. Mackin’s professional librarians will prepare your first list with titles that equate to approximately 1/3 of your full subscription funding. The size for the next list will be determined based on how many dollars are left after we deduct the value of your first shipment; we’ll create a list that is 1/2 the value of your remaining dollars. The third list will have a few extra titles on it to make sure there are enough dollars to finalize your subscription value – in this instance, there may be some titles on your list that don’t get shipped so we don’t exceed your prepaid subscription dollars.

  • 4. Can I add my own selections to the MackinCurator suggested list?

    You ultimately have the power to decide what titles you will receive with each shipment. Typically, the MackinCurator subscription allows you to not have to spend so much time managing a title list to order but if you specifically have some titles you want shipped with your MackinCurator funding, you can add them to the 7-day review recommendations list. This could, of course, reduce how many dollars will be available for future lists, but it is always your choice.

  • 5. When will I receive my shipments?

    This depends on if you have chosen the months you want to receive your books or if Mackin will make the choice for you.

    1. If you indicated that you wanted your shipments in three specific months during the year, you will receive your title recommendation lists a few weeks in advance of each shipment for your review.
    2. If you indicated just a month to start your subscription, Mackin will choose the months that we will ship your materials. We would most likely space them out evenly across your annual subscription period.
  • 6. How do I tell you what kinds of titles I want to receive?

    Download the MackinCurator Order Form (it is an editable PDF) and complete the information to start your subscription. In the Content Specifics section, you can use the prepopulated categories we’ve listed or write in anything you specifically want on the Other Special Areas of Interest line.

  • 7. How will you know that you aren’t sending a title I already own?

    Checking our title recommendations against your current collection means that we will need to have a recent export of your MARC records uploaded before we create the title lists. You will be contacted by our Collection Management Specialists when you first start your subscription to make sure we have a current MARC export on file. Going forward, it would be helpful if you could automatically send us an updated file just prior to your next list. If you only order from Mackin, please indicate so and we won’t need an update of your MARC files each time, but rather we will check against all previous orders.

  • 8. I have more questions. Who do I contact?

    Email us at MackinCurator@mackin.com or call 800-245-9540 and a representative will be glad to help you.

  • 9. Haven’t converted to MackinCurator yet? Here are the MackinSelect title lists.