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Virtually any service you can think of, we can provide. Customization is key to who we are, so we’ve put together a whole host of special services designed to make your experience rewarding.

A Host of FREE Services

 Free Collection Development

We work closely with you to find out what your school needs. We then carefully craft a suggested title list for you and collaborate with you to make sure your collection will meet those needs.

 Free Custom Cataloging

Every single book, eBook, audio, or DVD file will arrive fully cataloged to your exact specifications. You will always receive your items with an accompanying MARC record.

 Free Processing

Your order will arrive fully processed to your exact specifications including barcode labels applied with label protectors, date due slips, spine labels applied with protectors, and mylar covers on jacketed books. Our goal is to make sure every book is ready to go on your shelves with no extra work on your part.

 Free Shipping In United States Only

Your coordinator will stay in close contact with you to make all necessary arrangements for a smooth delivery. We have taken great care to partner with a delivery company that shares our commitment to service. Of course, in true Mackin fashion, there is no additional charge for shipping and handling in the United States.

 Free Dewey Sorting

We stage your library right here on our warehouse shelves so that we can see exactly how the collection flows and make certain it’s just right. Every box is clearly numbered and labeled with the classification numbers of the contents making for an easy day of shelving.

 Free Shelving Assistance

We will shelve your collection the day after the shipment arrives, or on a mutually agreed upon date. We even break down all boxes and bag all packing materials for easy recycling by your custodial staff. If your circulation system is installed, you can be ready for checkout!

 Free Collection Analysis and Development

Mackin will continue to work with the library to ensure that the needs of the students and teachers are met. We can provide whatever lists and customized recommendations you may require. Mackin also offers complete Collection Analysis services either online or customized for your specific needs.