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New School Checklist

Opening a new media center takes an enormous amount of time and energy, and purchasing the library collection is just one of the major components. We’re here to help you ensure that your new collection suits your school, includes the newest digital resources, including eBooks, and assist you in procuring classroom sets, leveled and classroom libraries your educators desire.

We’ll set up your new library in these 5 easy steps:


Collection Development

Allow 7-10 days

Mackin.com Title List

Mackin will:

 Assign you a New School Coordinator who will communicate and collaborate with you on your list

 Create a customized list based on your students, budget, and closely aligned with your curriculum

 Provide you access to over 2.5 million titles from 18,000+ publishers, and over 350,000 digital titles including multi-user and simultaneous use eBooks

 Prepare lists and suggestions for classroom novel sets, classroom libraries, curriculum projects, and even Guided Reading libraries

 Stand behind our recommendations with our “full confidence” guarantee. If you purchase a book that we recommended, and you find it unsuitable for your library, we’ll credit you for the title.


Finalize Your Collection List

Allow yourself at least 2 weeks

Full Record Tablet

You can:

 View your list on your Mackin.com account (if you wish, you can also have a hard copy sent to you)

 Easily add and subtract from your lists or build additional lists

 Read reviews on the titles and see cover photos

 Get an overview of your collection through our unique summary feature

 Work on specific parts of the collection through our advanced filtering feature

 Use our TitleMatch feature to avoid duplications

 Contact your coordinator anytime you need help


Your order arrives at Mackin and we start preparing it

Allow 30-60 days


Your coordinator will:

 Make sure we understand your cataloging and processing

 Send you a complete, fully processed sample for your final approval

 Identify your target delivery and shelving dates

 Start the process of filling your order and getting your titles cataloged and processed perfectly

 Ensure that your books will be completely shelf-ready, with mylar covers, barcode labels, spine labels and property labels, all provided for free

 Arrange for customized processing of classroom kits, novel sets, or leveled libraries


We Sort and Ship in Dewey Order. We deliver on schedule and shelve your collection in a single day!

Color-coded Shipping Boxes

Our staff will:

 Double-check your order before we ship to make sure it’s all correct

 Create your virtual library here at Mackin in perfect shelf order

 Ship the books in color-coded boxes for easy identification

 Deliver your books on time and directly into the library (for no extra charge!)

 Arrange for your consultant and a crew to arrive on the agreed upon day to shelve every book

 Bag up all the packing material and break down and stack all boxes for easy recycling


Load your records and you are ready for checkout!


We ensure that:

 Your MARC records load flawlessly

 Your books are all on the shelf, neatly arranged

 Your classroom novel sets and curriculum titles are on site and ready for the first day of school

 You are ready for student checkout