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Year in, year out, Mackin provides over 50% of all the new school openings in the nation.

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Opening a new media center takes an enormous amount of time and energy and procuring the most appropriate collection your budget will allow is the most critical component.

For over 34 years, Mackin has been a reliable and integral partner, successfully compiling printed and digital materials for opening day collections. Assessing budgets and needs and custom crafting a collection based on those requirements is what has made us the recognized experts in this field.

We Listen

Mackin is all about customization. We don’t have “standard” collections. Every single school is different, and we want your library to be a reflection of who you are and what is important to your community.  That’s why we take the time to get to know you and your goals for the collection.

That means more than just selecting appropriate titles.  We work with your plans and timelines so that every detail is in sync. We find out what is important to you in how the books are processed and cataloged. We connect you with an experienced coordinator at Mackin who will be your helping hand throughout the process and assist you until every book is placed on the shelf.

We Research

We don’t just select titles from an inventory.  We work with over 18,000 publishers to find the titles that are best for your school.  We review your school or state curriculum. We read reviews, we meet with publishers, and we figure out how best to meet your needs.  Whether you need print, eBooks, databases, audiobooks, videos, or classroom sets, we can provide everything you need.

We Suggest

We will collaborate with you to make sure your collection suits your curriculum and your budget. You will have every opportunity to review and make changes as needed, but you can rest easy knowing that you have our “worry-free” collection development guarantee.  If you don’t think a title we recommended is appropriate for your school, you do not have to pay for it!  We’ll also give you a suggested timeline and make recommendations on shelving space and other details so you know precisely what to plan for.

We Deliver

Your collection is going to arrive in complete Dewey order and shelf-ready on the agreed upon day.  Every book will be cataloged and processed to your exact requirements. Most processing is free including MARC records, barcode labels, spine labels, mylar covers, and even pockets, property labels, reading labels, or custom labels.

We provide “white-glove” delivery directly into the library and a scheduled day for shelving. As a policy, we send a full crew to make sure every book is on the shelf in a single day.  By the time we leave, you are ready for checkout with a sparkling new collection!

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